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July 1995            to                      Nov 2008

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July 2009








Andi, ready to ambush her mother, who was behind me when I took this.






Dora, two years old in the summer of 2009, wondering why she's supposed to sit in the midst of the flowers rather than chase butterflies.





Pippa, January 2009, giving serious thought to becoming a hunting dog.  Doesn't she totally look like she's thinking about birds?







Kerah, at nearly four years.  Yes, I asked her to sit on the rock.  Always happy to comply with strange human requests!




Pippa, at nearly three years old, set off by the miniature rose 'Apricot Twist'.  What a glamour queen!







Bree -- half-sister to Adora and Effie.  Let's see, the irises are blooming, so she must be nearly five months here.





Adora, posing in front of a rugosa hybrid rose.  Looks just like her mom, doesn't she?  Same ultra-sweet temperament, too.  This must be about May in 2008.  Adora's about a year old here.




Effie, Adora's full sister, at seven weeks -- what a cutie!






Chrestomanci, the spooky demon cat.  This really was taken close to Halloween . . .






Lotka, about 2004, sitting beneath my Japanese maple the day before most of the leaves fell off it.






Volterra, wondering if he needs to jump off this stump and go investigate a sound he heard.





Okay, no dog in sight -- not even a cat.  But isn't this castor bean magnificent?

Yes, castor beans are poisonous.  Don't let your pets eat the seeds!







Kerah, at nearly a year, hoping for the sight of a dove or quail.








Pippa's first look at snow.  She isn't quite sure it's a good idea . . . she's about 2 months old here.





Xan at 18 months.  This is Roycroft Just One Look.





Lotka, lying next to a rhubarb plant.  In the background is a huge Miscanthus 'Silberfeder' surrounded by Platycodon 'Sentimental Blue' and a few taller blue and white Platycodons.  This was about 2002.





This is a teenage Volterra with Quin.  Quin eventually got tired of adopting new puppies, but Volterra was *her* puppy.



Obviously, this is Lotka playing with agility equipment.  That's me in the background.  Why is it you always cut the head off of the person in the picture when you're taking pictures of dogs?



The boys, finding out what life in the country is like during their first fall in Missouri. 





Their first country winter wasn't so much fun!  They don't mind dry powdery snow, but wet snow builds up in massive lumps in their coats.  They quickly learned to let me go first and break them a trail.





Here are the boys in the summer, sitting on the steps at my parents' house.  That groundcover is Vinca minor, periwinkle, which blooms with lavender-blue flowers at the same time as crocuses.




This is Lotka, in front of daylilies.  He thinks he just heard a squirrel and is waiting for permission to zip off and find out.






Volterra with a young Chrestomanci.




Xan, at thirteen months, is very aware of her sporting heritage!  She is looking for interesting birds, although a squirrel would be an acceptable alternative.